Nekon Pty Ltd is the proponent for the Port Latta Wind Farm.

The Nekon Group is an established Australian family property developer and owner, with a track record over more than 25 years in specialised institutional premises, retail shopping centers, commercial office buildings and carparks in Australia and New Zealand. As an experienced and successful investor, Nekon believes that Tasmania has an attractive long-term future due to the unique quality of life on offer. Since its inaugural investment in Tasmania in the early 1990’s, Nekon has become one of the leading commercial investors within Tasmania.

By developing the Port Latta Wind Farm Project, Nekon is looking to insulate the Tasmanian businesses in which it has invested from high electricity prices which have become a significant input cost for those businesses. The proposed Port Latta Wind Farm is expected to become the first Tasmanian company-owned non-government utility scale wind farm in Tasmania.

Nekon has engaged Joule Logic Pty Ltd to assist with the Port Latta Wind Farm development. Joule Logic Pty Ltd is a renewable energy and environmental consultancy based in Hobart (